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Casino Invests

A Casino Invests In Sustainable Development

Respecting the environment in a casino might seem paradoxical at first glance, but it is possible. The proof: the Barrière casino in Sainte-Maxime. Indeed, to prove that the casino is environmentally conscious, a sustainable development manager has been appointed within the establishment. Its mission is to implement actions with an environmental vocation.

A certified casino

The Barrière casino in Sainte-Maxime is currently certified under the ISO 14001 standard . It is the first in France to hold this certification. It also applies to its hotels and casinos. It should be remembered that this certification is awarded according to the performance in terms of respect for the environment in a company.

If the casino has earned this great appreciation, it is above all thanks to the Barrière group project, which has been baptized Planète Barrière. Its purpose is to initiate sustainable development. This group project began in 2010 and the Sainte-Maxime casino is part of it. To maintain this level of quality, an audit is carried out every 3 years. In order not to lose certification, each establishment has its responsible for sustainable development. It applies an environmental management system.

Continuous efforts for the casino

For the casino, this certification is a great merit, however there is another challenge that must be taken up. It is a question of maintaining the certification, because the whole group is at stake. Indeed, if an establishment fails the questionnaires of the audit, the whole group will lose the ISO 14001 certification. The RDD or responsible for the sustainable development of Sainte-Maxime thus aims to train its team so that the 70 or so employees can answer questions correctly.

The casino has a very sharp strategy in place for this. In the context of sustainable development, a person is appointed in each department to supervise the actions that are initiated. This also concerns everyday practices and actions to be undertaken which are disseminated through a sheet. It must be said that the establishment does not skimp on the means.

The casino’s future projects for its sustainable development

Besides what has been said, the casino also has other plans in this direction. He therefore plans to set up a water collector so that he can then water the plants and the green wall of the facades of the establishment. According to the director of the casino, Richard Barberis, sustainable development is a daily job. His team works in this way to maintain good respect for the environment. However, still according to him, the casino does not stop at sustainable development, because there is also the monitoring of the game. He added that the monitoring of responsible gambling is one of their mission.